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It is interesting to note that many people know the term “tummy tuck,” but not many know just what this plastic surgery in Topeka, KS will provide. The technical term is an abdominoplasty, and it is done to get rid of extra skin or fat in the abdominal area and tighten muscles if needed. Dr. Marc Baraban Plastic Surgery in Topeka, KS provides the tummy tuck treatment to many patients, and especially women who have recently given birth and who have a lot of extra skin on the belly area, as well as patients who have shed a lot of weight and struggle with the loose skin.

As a skilled plastic surgeon in Topeka, KS, Dr. Baraban emphasizes that each patient is different and unique, and that his liposuction and tummy tuck treatments are equal parts art and skill. He will use the knowledge and experience he has to create a naturally flatter and better looking abdominal area, and will address the skin and the underlying muscle.

After all, a tummy tuck in Topeka, KS is not just about getting rid of the skin or fat cells, but also dealing with muscles that may have lost tone or which need tightening after the challenges of pregnancy or carrying a great deal of excess weight.

How is a tummy tuck actually done? This varies, but Dr. Baraban reviews the treatment with a patient prior to performing it. Generally, the incisions used run across the pelvic area and focus on the region below the navel. Most patients can actually conceal any scars that remain after healing with their underwear or bathing suit bottom.

The incisions are made to give the physician access to the muscles, and also to enable better control over the fat cells and loss skin that is removed. Naturally, recovering from this treatment can take a bit of down time. Most patients rely on compression bandages to control swelling and limit movement or bruising. Many tummy tuck patients spend just a few days in bed and can then return to work. The healing varies according to the patient, but many are fully recovered in less than three months.

The treatment can also use traditional liposuction tools that take away more of the unwanted fat that the physician is unable to remove manually.

How can a patient know if the tummy tuck is the right choice? Not everyone is a good candidate for this procedure, and only by consulting with Dr. Baraban can you know if it is the ideal option for your needs. We generally want to see that patients have lost all or most of the weight needed, that they have kept a stable weight for a year or more, have good health, and are not planning to have any more children or lose substantial amounts of weight.

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