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Topeka Latisse®

What is Latisse®?

Latisse® is a prescription treatment for hypotrichosis, a condition characterized by inadequate or sparse eyelashes. The goal for Kansas Latisse® patients is to grow eyelashes that are longer, thicker and darker.

No matter where you live in Eastern Kansas, you could be a candidate for Latisse®. Dr. Marc Baraban is pleased to offer Topeka Latisse®; Lawrence Latisse®; Manhattan Latisse®; Kansas City, MO, Latisse®; Kansas City, KS, Latisse®; and Olathe Latisse®. Please schedule a consultation today with Dr. Baraban to find out more information about Latisse® in KS.

Is Latisse® Right for Me?

If you feel that your eyelashes are lacking in density or volume, then Topeka Latisse® may be a good choice for you. However, if you are already taking similar products for elevated intraocular pressure (IOP), or if you have a history of abnormal IOP, then you should only use Latisse® under the close supervision of your doctor. Another factor to keep in mind is that Latisse® is not a replacement for mascara, although you can still use mascara in addition to Latisse®.

To discover more information about Topeka Latisse® — as well as Latisse® in Lawrence and Latisse® in Manhattan — please contact the Baraban Board Certified Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon office today for a consultation. Dr. Baraban also welcomes patients who are seeking Latisse® in Kansas City, MO; Latisse® in Kansas City, KS; and Latisse® in Olathe.

During your consultation with the Baraban office, ask about Topeka Latisse® before and after photos. The pictures can give you an idea of the kind of results you may expect when you are using the Latisse® solution.

How does Topeka Latisse® Work?

Latisse® in Topeka is intended for use on the skin of the upper eyelid margins at the base of the eyelashes. The Latisse® solution is believed to affect the growth phase of the eyelash cycle by extending the length of the phase and by increasing the number of hairs grown during the phase.

As a Topeka Latisse® patient, you apply the solution once each evening to the base of the upper lashes. You may start to see results from Latisse® at four weeks, with full growth expected at 16 weeks.

If you stop taking Latisse®, your eyelashes are expected to return to their original appearance within a few months.

Latisse® requires a doctor’s prescription, so if you think the topical solution could work for you, please set up a visit with the Baraban office. The courteous staff works with patients who are looking for Latisse® in Lawrence and Latisse® in Manhattan, as well as other locations near Topeka.

What are Possible Side Effects of Latisse®?

When using Latisse® in Topeka, one of the most common and immediate side effects is an itching sensation in the eyes and/or eye redness. Other, less common, Latisse® side effects may include skin darkening, eye irritation, eye dryness and redness of the eyelids. These typically occur on the skin close to where Latisse® is applied and sometimes in the eyes.

Any darkening of the eyelid skin may be reversible. However, Latisse® may increase brown pigmentation in the colored part of the eye, a condition that is likely to be permanent.

It is important to be precise when applying Latisse®. If the solution is repeatedly in contact with other areas — such as the lower eyelid, the cheeks or even the eye — there is potential for hair growth in those spots as well.

What are Topeka Latisse® costs?

Topeka Latisse® prices typically range between $99 to $125 per bottle. One bottle can last for about two months.

For more details about Topeka Latisse®, Lawrence Latisse®, Manhattan Latisse® and Latisse® in other nearby cities, please contact Dr. Marc Baraban to set up a consultation today.

At the Baraban Board Certified Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon office, Dr. Marc Baraban offers plastic and reconstructive surgery to patients across Eastern Kansas and Topeka Kansas. Contact the Baraban Board Certified Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon office today to schedule your Latisse Consultation!