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Topeka Collagen

 What is Collagen?

Collagen is a naturally occurring protein in the dermis, or the inner-most layer of your skin. This protein forms the skin’s framework and support structure, making it vital for moisture and elasticity. However, collagen starts to disappear as you age, causing sagging skin, fine lines and deep wrinkles. If you have noticed that your skin is losing its firm tone, Kansas collagen injections can help you achieve a smoother, plumper and tauter appearance.

For men and women seeking collagen in KS, you should find an experienced, board-certified physician to provide the best results. Dr. Marc Baraban has spent more than 25 years working in plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures and is ready to assist patients seeking collagen in Topeka, collagen in Manhattan and collagen in Lawrence. His services also extend to other parts of eastern Kansas, including collagen in Kansas City, MO; collagen in Kansas City, KS; and collagen in Olathe.

Is Collagen Right for Me?

Most people opting for collagen in Topeka are between the ages of 35 and 60. Although the injections can be given to older patients, the treatment works best if the skin is still somewhat supple and elastic. Topeka collagen patients are generally looking to minimize fine lines or wrinkles in the face, but some choose the injections to produce fuller, plumper lips or cheeks, as well. Collagen in Topeka can also be used to treat areas of the chest, back and neck.

Topeka collagen injections boost the skin’s support system by replenishing the natural supply of collagen. The procedure is intended to target wrinkles caused by the skin, rather than creases — such as crow’s feet, frown lines and smile lines — that are created by underlying muscles.

If you have more questions about whether Topeka collagen is right for you, please schedule a consultation today with the Baraban Board Certified Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon office. The staff members at Baraban care about making sure you are comfortable with your decision to undergo Topeka collagen; Manhattan collagen; Lawrence collagen; Kansas City, MO, collagen; Kansas City, KS, collagen; or Olathe collagen. During the meeting, you can view Topeka collagen before and after photos and see what kind of results you may expect from the procedure.

How are Topeka Collagen Injections Performed?

Topeka collagen treatments are performed in the doctor’s office and take about 30 minutes to an hour. The procedure starts with a cream or small injection of local anesthetic to numb the area being worked on. With a very fine needle, the collagen is placed below the skin to fill out depressions from wrinkles, scars and other issues. Depending on the effect you want, your treatment could take several injections.

There are two main types of collagen fillers: bovine-based and human-based. Before any injections, your doctor will test the skin on your arm to determine if you are sensitive or allergic to the collagen. If you are, there are other injectable fillers that can be used as an alternative.

What is Recovery Like After Collagen?

The most common side effect of Topeka collagen involves the injection site, which may have mild bruising, swelling or redness that should subside within a day or two. In some cases, the treated area may initially seem overfilled, but that will soon disperse, leaving a more natural-looking appearance.

No bandaging is required, so you can return to your normal activities immediately. However, you will be advised to avoid strenuous exercise and sun for a short period of time.

After the procedure, you will see immediate changes in your skin, with the final results visible in about a week. Topeka collagen treatments last from one to six months, so small “top-up” injections will be needed two to three times a year to maintain the effects.

What are Topeka Collagen Costs?

Topeka collagen prices are relatively low when compared with other cosmetic procedures. The cost of Topeka collagen injections range from about $300 to $500 per syringe, with each treatment typically requiring one to two syringes.

The best way to find out all the information you need to make an informed decision about collagen is to talk with a board-certified surgeon. Dr. Baraban and his caring staff welcome questions about Topeka collagen, Lawrence collagen and Manhattan collagen, as well as other areas of eastern Kansas. Please schedule a consultation today.

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